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I keep seeing Twitter users complaining about things Mastodon has fixed.

✅ Chronological timeline
✅ Likes/follows not shared on timeline
✅ Better moderation

Come on over! All that’s missing is you

Once is over, I think I'll try to learn how to pick locks in the evenings. I've had the tools for years but never put time into it.

Welp, I just screwed up a bunch of irreplaceable files because my gpg keys expired and the script I was running to encrypt them was dumb.

Day 17: Stern old woman

I don't think my Wacom gets along well with Debian GNOME: my desktop crashes frequently, and I've lost my work several times over the course of the month. No instability unless I'm drawing. 🤷‍♂️ Not sure if other people have this problem?

I lament the loss of Harold Bloom, who taught me how to read and why.

Day 14: Bald woman by window. Rain and shadow. I might see if I can improve this tomorrow.

Day 13: Didn't manage to post inks for the past couple days. Sometimes life carries you away.

Day 07-09: This is fine. Now with ass!

I spent three days making this and will never get them back.

Day 06: I tried to draw the Joker, but it ended up looking like that dank meme.

Day 05: Romantic candlelit dinner, sharing plate of sketti!

Day 03: Trying out a little shading today on this beefy boy. I'm getting more comfortable with my and . It's nice to be setting aside some time to practice.

Day 02: Here was my day!

(Don't make fun of the hands. I will try harder on hands later.)

Anybody else (sorry) at Natasha Romanoff, Black Widow, for being a little old ordinary human holding her own alongside people with 1) god blood, 2) anger issues, 3) metal suits, 4) the other things? Nick Fury never made it out to the battlefield proper.

I guess I'm doodling this !

Day 01: Oh my... this is my first drawing in a long time, and it's the first ever on my Wacom tablet! Interested to compare today's to whatever I make on October 31.

This is maybe... some sort of bad scientist?

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