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I keep seeing Twitter users complaining about things Mastodon has fixed.

✅ Chronological timeline
✅ Likes/follows not shared on timeline
✅ Better moderation

Come on over! All that’s missing is you

I just donated to to help protect journalists, whistleblowers, and our right to know. You can too:

I just heard a guy ask, “Can I order the ramen?”, to which the waitress replied, “Sure,” and I realized he was technically requesting the authority to make an almost military claim on the kitchen’s staff.

When did military “orders” overlap with or diverge from restaurant “orders”? Sounds so aristo.

Software developer song title:

There's a reCAPTCHA on My Heart (You Gotta Be Real) has been updated to Mastodon v3.0.1

Day 31: This is it!

I'm no good at it, but I've learned a lot about digital art this month. I have a better understanding of the amazing capabilities of my tablet and , including brushes, layers, and gradients. I see a path forward if I decide to put more time into art. I need so much time!

Day 28: Fun with layers.

This looks simple but has 10 layers! Taking a cue from Studio Ghibli films I've been rewatching.

A professor at Hokkaido University was arrested in Beijing. He received an academic invitation from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences to give a talk and was then arrested in the hotel. It is believed that the academic invitation is part of the trap.

Day 27: Sen/Chihiro.

Trying to use more layers, but I merged mine too soon and can't get the right effect now. I'll try again later. The images in Spirited Away look so simple but are surprisingly sophisticated. Multiple layers of shadow, etc.

"The CD-ROM format is so incredibly unreliable that all of the layers of error corrections require 2.33 GB to encode 650 MB of usable data."

Day 22: The wind it blows.

Had to cut this short today because my Debian Gnome / Wacom setup crashed about four times. Wish I could figure out why!

Once is over, I think I'll try to learn how to pick locks in the evenings. I've had the tools for years but never put time into it.

Welp, I just screwed up a bunch of irreplaceable files because my gpg keys expired and the script I was running to encrypt them was dumb.

Day 17: Stern old woman

I don't think my Wacom gets along well with Debian GNOME: my desktop crashes frequently, and I've lost my work several times over the course of the month. No instability unless I'm drawing. 🤷‍♂️ Not sure if other people have this problem?

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