Oh my gosh! Everything's back! I'm saved! 🎉

I was missing a path in my maintenance cron job for this instance.

Just deleted 24.9 GB of remote media attachments (56,690 files).


Aha! There's something wrong with 's server cluster where my data is stored. They're working to fix. Maybe I didn't lose all my backups forever?

Update: Definitely not bitwise operators. Not even 5 hours! 💪

About to start a 5-hour technical challenge as part of an interview process.

🙏 Please don't make me use bitwise operators.

Oh no! I signed up for something social, and then I coded all day and forgot about it. 😱

I think the organizer is mad I was a no-show...

I don't know how I missed the calendar alarm! Did it go off? I get lost in my own world if nobody bugs me!

Adblock Plus is a for profit corporation that will unblock ads for companies that pay. It also is really inefficient, using 4MB+ of RAM for every frame loaded.

uBlock Origin on the other hand is FOSS, accepts no donations, whitelists no ads, automatically bypasses anti-adblock mechanisms, and is way more efficient.

By default, I am a bang-my-head-against-the-wall-until-something-breaks kind of worker. I have lots of stamina for long hours. However, I’m tired of that. I want to optimize.

Send tips! I am currently listening to one of my podcasts at 1.5x speed (at the suggestion of one of the guests), and it’s not as annoying as I’d thought.

Welp, I guess I’m about to lose a bunch of backup data if that mislaid password fails to descend from the heavens.

Mood: Got so mad at PostgreSQL that I am reinstalling my OS. 🤬

To the depths with ye, blasted dog!

hey young leftist friends. you're struggling to clearly and consisely define your ideology? let me tell you a secret. no one fucking cares. it's what you do, not what you declare that counts

If you want to give Rust & GTK a try, here's a simple template boilerplate for you. Bonus: it uses Meson to build the application, Flatpak to bundle it and has a Gitlab CI to create nightlies for you and a bunch of nice stuff.


I seem to spend a lot of my day trying to remember what I was just about to do.

I don’t understand why more people don’t bring books into bars.

I live in a historic building, and screens aren't allowed to be installed on the windows. However, I also like to keep the window cracked to let in fresh air.

I've had little bugs fly in here and there. Nothing too annoying, but I see them from time to time.

Recently, a spider took up residence in my window. Its web covers a prime entry path into my apartment.

I think I want to... encourage it? Isn't this just a natural solution to my no-screen-related problems? 🕷️ 🕸️

Ooh! I got bored during a Code Katas meetup and made a blog! More TBA as I finish setup and start writing posts. ✍️

Avocado smoothies are much better than avocado fries.

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