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Riseup, a radical tech collective now has a VPN for censorship circumvention, location anonymization and traffic encryption.

People can use it for free (though donations are welcome)

#DigitalCommons #Surveillance #MovementTech

Whoops! This instance saw a little downtime overnight. I think it was because I forgot to turn off an automatic backup configuration I was experimenting with that filled up server memory.

All systems go now.

Happy Pride weekend, Seattle! You are all the colors πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ

That said, I was in this project to update some dependencies. Zero doubt it took a fraction of the time it would have taken when I first wrote it. I remembered this project being really hard to write back then. Today? Meh. Boring. πŸ’ͺ

Disconcerting experience this morning. I was looking through very old code and thought to myself... "This is pretty good!"

I legit wouldn't change much. It's probably better commented than if I'd written it today... 😱

It would be nice if I were able to organize my repos into "folders" on GitHub. All the projects I've done for freeCodeCamp in one; the ones for my bootcamp in another; the ones for X here, etc.

Barring that, I've started transferring repos to different Organizations with names like CharmedSatyr-freeCodeCamp. Is that the best way to go? I think it gives the wrong impression. It's still just me, and that isn't a real org... πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

Finally figured out how to use Mastodon's `tootctl` and deleted about a gigabyte of remote media :partyparrot:

Thanks to the folks on the Discord channel!

I am so mad at Jest. It is so nice to my face and runs green and gives me 100% coverage reports and tells me we're friends. Then when it gets to CI, it stabs me in the back!


Reminded that the Microsoft ebook store closes next week. The DRM'd books will stop working.

I cannot believe that sentence.

"The books will stop working."

I keep saying it and it sounds worse each time.

I love libraries. The smell, the colors, the vertical space of the shelves. I would like to live in a library. You could come check out a book! πŸ“š

If this morning is any indication, the real difficulty with implementing OAuth using Auth0 is that you have to correctly copy your CLIENT SECRET from their website and correctly paste it into your application environment. Just copy/pasting a portion of it or a random string you don’t recognize any more won’t cut it. πŸ’•

For some reason VSCode has taken to ignoring all of my autoformatting settings. It was fine for weeks, and then yesterday it decided it wanted to do things its own way. Something to do with the recent update?

Back I fly into the loving, skeletal arms of Vim.

Why is it that when I set a rule for myself ("Don't do X!"), some part of me takes great pleasure in rebelling and doing X immediately? It makes it so hard to be good.

It works better if I say "Do more Y!" instead, hoping to get the intended side effect. E.g., not "No more croissants!" but "Eat more vegetables!", hoping I will be satiated after eating a large bowl of peas and won't want any croissants.

However, the best, trickiest indirect goals can be difficult to determine and phrase.

How are we accounting for our gargoyle deficit? Gargoyles keep falling. And yet: are we making new ones?

Was talking about Mastodon with an old-school sysadmin guy. We reached the realization that defederating from instances with no/bad moderation is essentially the same thing as blocking open relays back when you ran your own email server: open relays always end up getting used for spam, you block 'em to protect your users.

Email was and still is the first federated social network, so it already faced a lot of the same problems; we should study its solutions (and its failures).

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