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In the Snowden movies I watched today, U.S. generals and spooks are concerned with being prepared for any fork in the timeline (e.g., they install malware on critical Japanese infrastructure in case one day Japan is no longer an ally).

Gandalf has the same attitude in The Hobbit, at least in the movie version. He wants to help the dwarves take back Erebor in case The Enemy returns: a dragon would be a powerful ally to such an adversary. Gandalf expresses this sentiment exactly.

Celebrating the fourth with a few general security updates whilst watching "Snowden" and "Citizen Four." 🗽

And barbecue sauce. BBQ on everything! 😋 🇺🇸

The big difference between DRM-locked media and unencumbered media: you won’t ever really own DRM-locked media.
Or the notes or alterations you might make to it.
…Even if it was "free."

So excited! I finally picked up a copy of Shoshana Zuboff’s “The Age of Surveillance Capitalism.” Evidently this is a touchstone for academic research and activism in digital rights and online privacy.

You might like it, fellow free and federated tooters!

Power to the programmers!

Awesome talk by Fred George on a management style he calls "Programmer Anarchy":

A string literal in Rust :rust: is actually a slice, and its type is `&str` (an immutably borrowed string). It’s a slice pointing to that specific point of the binary. 🤯 🦀

Aaaand I interrupt my workflow to install Kali Linux on a VM for no particular reason.

Oh no! I've done gone through and opened a dozen new tabs of Eric Elliott articles to read about JavaScript :javascript:

I don't have time for this, but he is so good! 🤪

Of course, while I am thinking about all this, I am forgetting to do laundry again.

Welp, looks like my cron jobs are working well! This server's getting more and more steady.

I also upgrade the infrastructure fairly substantially. I'd like to start start accepting members and growing this instance by the end of the summer. 🚀

I beat the main quest and all the side quests in TES: Blades 💪 ! The BBEG was completely impossible until I put a fire enchant on my weapon. ⚔️🔥

But what do I do now? Keep rebuilding the town? I would be far more motivated if... there were more than fetch quests left. Or if a single other person in town lifted a finger to help!

This seems very bad. For example, a new device was unable to import @torproject’s public key to verify a browser bundle download. The key was too large.

Been playing The Elder Scrolls: Blades on my phone. Question: why on Nirn would it take 8 daedra hearts to smith a daedric longsword? I get that you to imbue the ebony with the powers of accursed blood or whatever by the light of the moon, but 8 hearts? Isn't that overkill? What can I get for... 2 hearts?

I generally spend time each morning planning for the day. Today I decided to take an hour to plan for the week all at once.

I think this will help me keep focused: I know when I'm going to get to everything, so I don't need to worry about tacking things onto my schedule as I think about them, or trying to add them to the next day's tasks. Much more orderly TODOs at a glance.

@sean Hey Sean, you know things. I run a Mastodon instance. Do I need a separate server for Peertube, or could I piggyback them into one? Leaning toward the former, but that means another $ layout. We’d assume nobody but me joins right now 🥴

I keep lots of lists of things to do/try/see. However, my favorite has become the Gifts list: inspired ideas that I happen across through the course of the year for gifts for certain people. I’ll usually hand the gifts out at Christmas or birthdays.

I get *so* excited thinking about how the recipient will react to these interesting, niche items. They’re almost always so off-the-wall perfect that they could never be expected 🤗. A year in the making!

OK, I set up a bunch of cron jobs. Let’s hope this server doesn’t pop again at midnight! 💣

Dim sum this morning. This was just the beginning...

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