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This article could have been much longer. I despair to see the extent to which evangelicals I know are willing to contort themselves to square Trumpism with their faith. Truly terrible to behold.

Why People Hate Religion

Finally managed to properly set up an NginX reverse proxy with TLS for multiple sites. Wow! That one held me up for weeks. Mostly was stuck because of one line!

Just had my first VR experience with the Oculus Go: "Dark Shapes," a refugee story based on "The Wretched and the Beautiful" by E. Lily Yu, at the Wing Luke Museum in Seattle. What an incredible technology and powerful medium for this story! I'm going to pay much more careful attention to VR in the future.

If you want your VM to fill its window size instead of being scaled to an inset box, install Guest Additions! It'll fill the window or full screen without stretching.

This is awesome. NPR gave me a legitimate choice to accept their cookies and have a fancy experience or get the raw content I wanted with their text-only site.

I downloaded the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights to my phone so I can read them over and over during downtime instead of scrolling through social.

Does anyone on here have an account on

I was completely prepared for LeetCode to laugh at my garbage solution, but they're telling me literally no one has done it better in terms of time or space efficiency.

My guess is a real live code review would come to a different conclusion. 😂

:rust: 🦀 💪

At a meetup at the offices in Bellevue, listening to a talk about securing Vue.js projects with OpenID Connect and OAuth2. The perfect venue to learn latest best practices in securing digital identity!

Turn off text notifications.

I have a new cell phone number, and the last user did not update their job alert text number. I've been getting frequent texts from ZipRecruiter to that person, so I followed an included link and could see that person's name, contact info, and potential job matches. I was given the option to APPLY FOR THE SUGGESTED JOBS as them--no password confirmation required! I unsubscribed them (myself) from future notifications.

Bloody unbelievable.

It takes so much self control not to spin up new servers. I really like running my and servers, and I want to try more applications. 🤓

I will get there, but I need to slow down and keep these running smoothly for a while. 🔧

I have a friend who thinks learning SQL might be useful for him at work. I'm going to recommend he start with this step-by-step tutorial video from :

Does anybody have another recommendation for beginners?

My number guessing game was straightforward (there is an example in The Book). I went on and wrote an algorithm to find a Fibonacci number (with tests).

I’d like to implement a few more common data structures and algorithms this week.


Wow! I completed the tutorial today! I still wouldn't say I'm any good at :rust:, but it's a little less scary.

I think I'll use to make a project now. How about a number guessing game?

Spent hours trying to get this to work. I might actually have to read the docs...

#MastoAdmin tip: if you have access to your nginx configuration, consider adding an X-Clacks-Overhead header to your server. Add this line to your server{} block for 443/SSL connections:

add_header X-Clacks-Overhead "<your text here>";

Your text can be as long as you want. I recommend starting with
"GNU Terry Pratchett" and going from there.

This will be invisible to the average viewer, but the message will be sent with every HTTPS response.

More info:

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