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A future I would like to see in automated development: the dev writes tests (in a standard language?), and a program outputs some code (in a user selected or computer-recommended language) that passes them.

Wow, I sure would love it if @gnome would allow me to set a different GPG key for each email alias in Evolution. Thunderbird lets me with Enigmail, but Evolution is obviously better integrated into the desktop.

Maybe I'm missing a way to do this?

Another cave, with waterfall. Still quite chilly in July

One of the Big Four Ice Caves in the Washington mountains. See the tiny people at the bottom?

My first block on Mastodon today! Some sort of misogyny bot. 😳 Who on earth proactively sets aside time to code such things? An absurd use for personal despair.

Hi @nextcloud ! It looks like Buster :debian: is missing a dependency (deprecated package) required for the nextcloud-client versions in the Debian/Ubuntu ppa. Are you aware of any timeline for an upgraded client?

Doing a clean install of Buster :debian:. My computer being out of commission during certain phases is a great chance to read a book!

Rethinking how I lift weights. On many exercises I’ve been in the habit of doing x sets of y (e.g., 3 sets of 10). However, if I’d like to build muscle, shouldn’t I go to failure each set, whatever the weight, assuming I can keep good form? Why would the numbers matter?

Just saw a group (pack? gaggle?) of nude cyclists riding down the street. I think they had a cause, but I, unfortunately, was distracted from the banners they flew.

Final image test results are being collated and the Debian CD team are preparing to sign them off - buster is very nearly with us! #releasingDebianBuster

If Slack is where your work happens, you should consider the risks that the company retaining all of your messages creates.

I do hope more companies start running Mastodon accounts. Seems hard to beat [at]account[at]company.tld for proof of identity and independence from third parties for moderation and getting your message out.

I didn't realize 10 "Buster" :debian: was being released to stable so soon!

Can't wait. I've needed to stick with 9 for some dependencies lately, but I've missed some of Buster's features. Those tricky packages will now (presumably) start migrating versions if necessary, or mitigate conflicts.

Now I need a T-shirt that says “Frodo was black ops.”

I suppose Gandalf is a security consultant when you get right down to his job functions. Attached to no one organization or state actor, he articulates geopolitical narratives to state officials, presses for overarching strategies and particular courses of action, applies proprietary technology (magic) in intractable tactical situations, assembles groups of fighters or black operatives (the Fellowship!) to achieve the determined objectives...

Not that Gandalf and American security officials are especially similar; the comparison simply helped me better understand Gandalf’s motivations, which had been obscure previously. Wizards!

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